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I like….

February 22, 2010

Since I’m a blogging-novice, I thought I would start out with something simple… a compilation of things I like. I figure…I know me… I know what kinds of things I like… so, why not?

Oh, this also seems to be trend among all of the “cool” bloggers these days.

I would try to be real cool right here and put a link to those “cool” blogger’s blogs; but, like I said…

I’m a novice.

I’m also bloggess. I feel there’s a major difference here. I’ll try to learn how to put links on here… one of these days…. so until then-

Things I like… a lot… enjoy. : )


Socks. I love me a good, crazy pair of tall socks. They’re pretty much the best.


Princesses. I just love the whole idea. Damsel in distress. Knight in shining armor. Love it.


Teaching. I’m a substitute teacher right now and I love it. Everything about it. Well, not everything. 8th graders are pretty much the scum of the earth… haha… just kidding! No. Really.


Jeep Wranglers. Oh, yeah. They’re awesome! I don’t own one, but I will someday.


Hotdogs. Most people think they’re gross, but not me. I think they’re delicious. I don’t really know why either. They’re just great.


The Movies. I love going to the movies. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I especially love going with my Boy. : )


My Chucks. Awesome. Wonderful. Super cool. And the list could go on and on….


Beauty and the Beast. I love this story!!!!


Indie Music. A couple pics of my favorites…. Regina Spektor and Lenka. My list of music I love would take up a whole entire post… which I’m sure I will write eventually. : )


Paper. I l-o-v-e paper! Always have. Always will.

Well, there you have it! A short, random compilation of some things I like. Hopefully this will help you get to know me a little better. : )


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