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Well, it’s what I do.

February 25, 2010

Umm…. remember that thing I said about 8th graders being the scum of the earth? Well… it’s still true… still very, very true. Let me tell you why-

First off, I have 2 jobs. I’m a substitute teacher for 3 school districts (impressive, right?) and I’m a PRN unit secretary for my community’s cancer center.

I like both of my jobs. Each of them have their separate perks… and downfalls. Like getting paid to read a book all day and drug rep catered lunches, to having to babysit scum-of-the-earth 8th graders and deal with mostly menopausal women. Anyways…. I was subbing today. Middle school art to be exact.

And the kids were horrible! Well, not all of them. Just the 8th graders were bad. I knew that this would happen. I checked my schedule for the day, saw the periods I would have the 8th graders, and instantly began dreading them… like my stomach hurt, dreading them. And, I found out, I had good reason to dread them.

4th period.

The 8th Graders.


Who in their right minds would lock a poor, innocent sub in a room with 20 8th graders… then give them paint… and scissors?!?!?! Well, that’s what happened….. and they proceeded to-

1. Pants each other, then sing “Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.” – Oh, the humor these kids have.

2. Scream at each other from across the room… even though I repeatedly told them not to.

3. Fall out of their chairs. – Good one, guys.

4. Fake mental retardation. – Really? You don’t know the difference between a marker and a colored pencil?

I wonder why I always crave a DQ chocolate malt after subbing….


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