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It’s the kick-off!!!!

March 29, 2010

It’s spring. 5 days. 5 projects.

Oh, my goodness! It’s here! My spring break project week starts tomorrow…. yikes. : )

I promised you a project list… so here it is-

{I would love suggestions, hints, and any insight that you may have for the following projects… just saying…}

Project 1. – Monday

*Design 3 Greeting Cards*

Project 2. – Tuesday

*Make a Piece of Jewelry*

Project 3. – Wednesday

*Paint One of My Girls on a Canvas*

Project 4. – Thursday

*Reconstruct a Garment*

Project 5. – Friday

*Make 3 Hair Accessories*

Pretty crazy, right? I’m excited about this. I really hope all goes as planned! Every day’s post will explain the details of each project… and lots of pics. I’m also keeping track of everything I learn during this process in a journal. I’ll post some pics of that too.

Hold me to this, ok? I’m counting on you. : )


P.S- I stitched some paper! It was so cool! I’ll post pics once I get them off my dad’s camera. : )

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