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A few things….

March 31, 2010

Wow. This project-a-day thing has been harder than I thought! I’m still plugging along though… still a day late… every time…

Let’s talk about yesterday’s project- Make a piece of jewelry…

About a month ago I bought this huge plastic container full of broken, antique jewelry for $15 at Trader Baker’s. My thought behind buying this would be that I could use the pieces to make jewelry of my own. Well, I had pulled out a nice {still intact..} white beaded necklace to embellish for yesterday’s project. I wanted to make a cute fabric flower to attach to my necklace… well, I’m terrible at fabric flowers. So, I’m still working on that project….

Never fear! I’m also working on today’s project- Paint one my girl’s on a canvas.

Check back later for pics… .maybe they’ll be here…  maybe the won’t…I really don’t know…


P.S- Check out my greeting card designs below! I’ve added what I like… and don’t like about each of them. I would like to hear what you think too. : )

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