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Good week… : )

April 3, 2010

Well, this week turned out to be pretty challenging. I was only able to fully complete 2 of my projects. : (  What a bummer! Oh, well. The learning process was great. Here are few things that I learned throughout the course of this week-

  • Creative juices don’t always flow as freely as you want them to. I found this out on Monday when my card designs were slow coming.
  • Time management is something I really need to work on!
  • Keep up with your laundry! Wow. That ate up a whole day.
  • Sometimes you won’t be able to get a project done within the time limit you thought… patience is key to quality.

I thought those were some pretty valuable lessons. : ) I also still plan on working on the projects that I didn’t get completed this week {jewelry, garment, and hair accessories}. So, please continue to check back for those updates!

On another note, I did have something pretty exciting happen to me this week…

My fiance’s Aunt Terry had given us a really nice set of green, heavy-weight dishes as a gift right after our engagement. She had found the set at a Goodwill and had gotten us 6 dinner plates, 6 salad plates, and 6 bowls for $.49 a piece. I was really excited just because we had our very own set of dishes and they were cute!

Well, this Tuesday Mom and I went to an antique mall to do some birthday shopping for my grandma. While we were there she showed me this one booth that had a really nice collection of Fiestaware. As I was looking around in the cabinet of this booth I told my mom that one of the plates behind the glass was the exact color of Adam and I’s plates…. actually, it was Adam and I’s plate!

Needless to say, that afternoon I was rummaging through Adam’s cabinets looking for our green dishes to see if they had the official Fiestaware stamp… sure enough, they did! I was so excited! Not only were our plates worth way more than $.49 they were one of the original 6 colors that ran from 1936-1951. Wow. I love the idea that we have a piece of history sitting in our cabinets!

It turned out to be a pretty good week after all. : )


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