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May 5, 2010

I don’t know why I titled this post “Yikes!”…

I just felt like it.

: )

Here’s what’s on my mind-

As you know I was sick today, and while I was home lying in bed without my notebook and pencils… I was searching the internet. Now you might ask what exactly I was searching for and my reply would have to be…


I seriously looked up just about everything I could think of  today. If you should need to know what shows are on Broadway right now… I know. If you would like to know what Jessica Simpson’s view of beauty is… I know. If you need to know what the 9 words are that you should never say at work… I know. I even watched a live webcam of a parking lot. That one was kind of weird…


I’m pretty much interneted (that’s probably not a word…) out. And I feel like I’m totally ready to take on my 1st graders tomorrow!

If only the Subway I ate for dinner would settle…

THEN I would be totally ready to take on my 1st graders!


Tomorrow should be interesting.

: )


P.S- Adam and I are going to make his famous home-made rolls tomorrow! They will go deliciously with our meal for our Friday date night. Can’t wait!

{Aren’t these pics lovely?}

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