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Monday Night.

May 11, 2010

So, as expected, Iron Man 2 was great! Long, but great. Adam and I hit the 5:15 show, settled in with our popcorn and Reese Pieces in our favorite seats (the ones with the handrail in front of you… perfect for propping your feet on), and enjoyed the show… and the 25min. worth of previews.

It was fun. : )

Straight from there we hit another show…


Our favorite band. It was a super great show. We should have brought ear plugs though… my ears are still a little fuzzy… and my teeth got soft (You would only understand that last comment if you’ve ever been to a really loud rock show… then stood under one of the speakers…). It was cool talking to the guys afterward though and they seemed to be really encouraged by our coming to the show. Mike (another friend) and Adam both got to sing into the mic during the show too.

That made their night!

Jordan and I both hid from the singer’s view so he wouldn’t shove the mic in our faces…. I did get wet though… the lead singer shook a bottle of water out over the crowd.The boys told me it wasn’t spit, but I still thought it was really gross.

Other than that, I had a lot of fun. : )

I’m so glad Adam and I enjoy the same things. We can drive all the way to Cincinnati to buy furniture… or go to a concert and love every minute of it.

I think it has something to do with the company.


We’re best friends for life.

Just ask Adam… he’ll tell you the same thing. : )


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