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Open-Air Campaigners.

May 11, 2010

This way cool street-preaching technique is being taught to my church this week by our missionaries… Richard and Diane Burley.

Richard and Diane came in tonight and I had a yummy lasagna dinner waiting for them and my family. It was really fun being able to make everybody dinner and get the church all set up for company. Thanks for trusting me with the gas oven, Mom!

Back to the street-preaching…

Richard taught the Open-Air painting technique to everyone at church tonight. We all partnered up on a board (Adam and I were partners… of course. lol.) and he led us step by step through the process. It was so fun to be learning something new with a group of some of my favorite people! We all had a really great time. I’m looking forward to tomorrow night!

All of our training is leading up to us going downtown Indy for some hands-on action. Yikes! I think we can do it though. : )

Check this site out for some more info about the Open-Air Campaigners- Awesome Street-Preaching.


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