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Busy, busy.

May 16, 2010

We’ve had a really busy last few days. It’s been great though! I did crash on the couch this afternoon, but I really needed that nap. : )

Friday- I subbed at the middle school…. 8th grade math to be exact. Ugh! Those kids are seriously ready to be out of school!

We also went downtown Indy that night and took what we learned this past week with Richard Burley to the streets. It was AMAZING! We had a great turn out from our church and we also had a great crowd that passed through. We passed out lots of tracts and had some pretty great conversations. It was so great to be able to talk about the hope that lies within us through Christ Jesus our Lord!

Saturday- We were out super late on Friday night, but that didn’t keep Adam and I from getting up early to head down to one of our favorite places… Indian Creek Baptist Camp!

This is our friend Jordan’s first year as camp manager, so went down for the Day of Prayer/Work Day to show our support for him and the camp. Adam opened up the day with some worship songs and I ran the power point. Yikes! That was my first time doing the power point and, well, I was a pretty distracting slide-changer!

I promise I’ll get better, Adam!!! : )

We had a great time in prayer and we definitely got our hands dirty! Adam helped Jordan out and spent some time driving the golf cart around, and I helped plant the flowerbeds around camp. It was a great time.

Later that night we were suppose to go back downtown, but the rain kept us away. So, Adam and I spent the evening together. It was a nice relaxing evening. ❤

Sunday- Sundays are always busy, but tonight Richard Burley spoke and presented their ministry. It was a great message… very encouraging. We also had a meal to thank the Burley’s for their time and for being such an encouragement to us. I am really going to miss Richard and Diane!

Well, that was kind of a quick run thr0ugh of my weekend.

Hope yours was great too!


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