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May 17, 2010


what a day you were.

: )

My brother Levi and I spent some time at the mall today. He wanted to get a new wallet and a pair of running shoes… I went for moral support. We went to several stores to kind of shop around for the best shoe, so after perusing Dick’s, Finishline, and Footlocker we started roaming around the other stores in the mall (Levi said he was letting his choices sink in…).

We also made a pit stop at $tarbucks.

And I purchased my all time favorite… Java Chip Frappuccino. This was my only purchase of the day. I was rather proud of myself.

I really wonder why nobody took us seriously today…

I’m stealing this sign for my closet door. : )

I can just see my mom rolling her eyes now….

After our afternoon in the mall… and Levi had spent over $150… we went to Franklin to see my Boy. ❤

Adam and I spent the rest of our day tearing apart the apartment’s living room. Yikes! It was a hot mess. Poor Adam spent most of the time operating on our vacuum cleaner after I’d only used if for about 10min… sorry, Sweetheart!

But in the end the living room looked like this…

Miles better!
(I didn’t ask Adam if it was alright for me to post the before picture, so I will refrain from doing so…. even though I really want to… )

I think it was a pretty great Monday, don’t you?


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