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May 24, 2010

Well, almost…

it’s definitely starting to feel like summer.

Joel is out of school, the pool is filled, my June guarding schedule is set, and it’s 85 degrees and muggy!

Summertime in Indiana.

Good for growing corn… not for curly hair.

I will cry the day my hair gets that big.


I sorted all my laundry today (Wow! I was behind…), put it all in their respective baskets, and piled my first load of whites into the washer… only to find… NO LAUNDRY SOAP!!!!

: (

I text the boys, who are out and about this morning, around 12:30ish to see if they could stop and get me some laundry soap and cat food… I have odd cravings sometimes….

It’s now almost 2:00…

no sign of the boys.

Ugh… my laundry is NEVER going to get done.

I guess it’s my fault for waiting this long.

At least we have a new dryer.

Gone are the days of hanging my “delicates” out for all the world to see… well, at least for my other family members to see… and occasionally Hope.

(I tried really hard to make sure they were put away before Adam came over… You’re welcome, Babe. Don’t expect that once we’re married… I’m just saying… )

It was strange. I almost had gotten used to the crispy feel that the wind gave my clothes…. I may have even begun to like that feeling…

Hmm… I may still hang some things out… : )

Sorry, Family!

Dad, it’s  your fault that I now like the feeling of stiff, wind-blown undergarments. Thank you for teaching me to be resourceful! : ) P.S- I’m sorry to hear about your Batman shirts… Mom can get a point across, can’t she?

Well, since the boys aren’t back with the laundry soap… or cat food… I think I’ll go shower with my clothes on… just another resourceful trick my dad taught me. Shampoo really works wonders on dirty clothes…

Just teasing… though it isn’t a bad idea…


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