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June 12th.

May 25, 2010

I’m excited! Adam and I are going to the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange that’s being held in downtown Indy on June 12th.

Adam says that I’m going to owe him one for making him go, but I think he’ll like it… : )

Here’s the link for the exchange’s website- INDIEana

This event is FREE and it sponsors local… and not so local… Etsy/Indie artists and craftsmen. The website has a page with all of the vendors that are going to be there and a link to either their Etsy page or blog. I perused this page earlier to see who was going to be there and I recognized a few of the blogs! Can’t wait to meet these inspiring artists.

These are a few of my favorites… so far-

Felix and Jayne

{I will definitely be checking this booth out… very creative!}

Get Lathered!

{This really makes me want to try something new…}

Pear and Peacock

{I’ve seen you before!}

Paper Acorn

{Takes my breath away…}

I’m going to go back and write down my favorite items at some point. I want to be prepared!

: )

Maybe next year you’ll see Starry Eyes See


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