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Just in case you didn’t know enough about me…

May 27, 2010

I’m really this princess… true story…

This is my breakfast. I eat this every morning… except for this morning…. we didn’t have any bread. It may have thrown my day off a little…

I spent my day helping out with this mess. Thanks to the sun my back now has a nice, crazy pattern on it…

I really like pop-up books. They’re so cool! This one is especially cute.

I’m madly in love with the wearer of this face. ❤

I want to see this movie. Animals that talk are so great… : )

I found this for Adam. Isn’t she cute?!?

I’m so uncool because I don’t have any of these yet… : (

“The touch of your lips is a shock not a kiss. It’s electric twist, it’s electric twist…”

My feel good song. : )

Sorry, that post my have just gotten way out of hand… I think I just needed an excuse to post a bunch of random pictures. Hope you didn’t mind too much!

Have a lovely Thursday! I know I’m looking forward to mine. : )


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