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Can you say, “rAnDoM”?

June 4, 2010

Here we go!

5 rAnDoM things you could do to spice up your summertime life-


Paint your nails a nautical color.

{These colors are pretty “nautical”. P.S- That’s my new favorite word. lol.}


Have a movie marathon! Here’s what I would pick-

All of the Lord of the Rings

All of the Pirates of the Caribbean

All of the Star Wars


All of the Disney Princess movies.

{I’m smiling now too… can’t help it! I mean, look at their faces!}


Get your drink, meal, and dessert all from a different restaurant.

{I would definitely pick ice cream for dessert… mhmm…}


Make a water obstacle course in your backyard; then have all of your friends over to try it out!

{C’mon… I know you really want to try this one… }


Make a summertime mixed CD to keep in your car. My mix would definitely include some Beach Boys. : )

{Ahh… the beach…}

These random ideas are guaranteed to put some spice in your summer!

Trust me… : )

Your Summertime Chef,


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