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In Good Hands.

June 15, 2010

Adam and I have taken yet another step in our relationship together…

We are now bound together by Verizon contract.

Our new phones should arrive today!

With our phones also came new numbers. Both of our numbers should start with the same 3 digits. Awe, aren’t we such the couple now?

Needless to say we are both very excited. Here’s what phone we chose-

LG Ally

It’s awesome. : )

But since I’m the sentimental type and use to get upset when dad would cut down certain trees in our yard… I’m a little sad about giving up my Batman phone.

It’s the phone that I had the whole time Adam and I were dating. We’ve sent so many text messages, made so many calls, and taken so many pictures with that phone. I do feel a little better knowing that my phone is going to be in good hands now… my dad has graciously offered to place my Limited Edition Dark Knight phone in his Batman collection. I even kept the box for him. He’s trained me well.

This phone came with Batman pictures, ringtones, and the Dark Knight trailer.

I found it while searching for an upgrade to my old phone about a year and a half ago. I saw all of the cool extra stuff that the phone came with and knew that my dad would be super jealous. I ordered this one over its pretty blue sister and kept the whole thing a secret. I made sure that no one opened my Verizon box when it got to my house and waited until dad got home to do the unveiling. It was totally worth it! Dad was very jealous and took some time perusing the phone’s Bat-features.

This phone will always hold a special place in my heart.

: )

Well, Dad, today is the day that the Bat-phone is yours!

You can finally stop drooling over it.


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