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I’m bbbaaaccckkk!!!!!!

July 20, 2010

Did ya miss me?

: )

I hope so.

I think I missed you guys…. yeah, I’m pretty sure I did.

: )

It’s been a crazy, busy summer and I was feeling (still am) a little overwhelmed. But, I just got back from one of the greatest places on the planet…. Indian Creek Baptist Camp!

Adam and I, along with half our church, went down to be cabin leaders for the middle school camp. This was my 4th year as a cabin leader and it was awesome! I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was emotional and hard too but it was so great to see God’s hand working in that special place.

Now that I’m back from camp I’m on fire and ready for action!



That’s why I’ve slept in past 10 every morning?

Well, if my mom would let me get a rooster that wouldn’t happen….


I’ve realized that there are several things in life that make me happy and help give me the motivation to get up in the morning… aside from my mom pulling the covers off my head and dragging every animal we own into bed with me…

Numero Uno-

Quiet time with God. I get in the habit at camp and I love it, but then I come back to “the real world” and I forget how vital it is for my every day life. I found that I have a better quiet time when I’m planning to teach something, so I think a Bible Study is in the works…. thoughts?


Quality time with Adam. If I go to bed knowing that I’m going to see Adam the next day I sleep better… if I wake up in the morning remembering that I’m going to see him it instantly puts a smile on my face. I want to have an accomplished day so that I will have an interesting day to share with him. Why don’t I always remember that? P.S- I love my boy!!!!


A project. If I’m working on a project and I really feel like it’s going well it’s a crazy motivator for getting me out of bed. Making things with my own two hands or putting on paper or fabric things that are in my mind is an amazing feeling. I’m so thankful God had blessed me with a creative mind.

Well, those were just some thoughts I had. Hopefully I’ll get pics up soon from our week at camp.

Have an amazing, fun filled Tuesday!


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  1. July 20, 2010 11:44 pm

    You are getting married in less than six months!!!! Everything you have yet to do should be motivation enough to get you up early!!

    And just for the record, you are not getting a rooster.

    P.S. Nice glasses.

    You are so your dad.

    Love Mom

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