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I’m late! I’m late… for a very important date!

August 23, 2010

So, you may have noticed that I didn’t do ANYTHING I said I was going to last week with the new blog…

my bad.

If you decide not read this blog or my new blog ever again I would totally understand… no really…. I would.

Well, while I didn’t manage to get any blogging done I did manage to do these things-

*Watch Alice in Wonderland with my boy

*Preregister for classes… kinda

*Stay out until 1am with my traveling singing group

*Be extremely emotional

*Take like 10 ibuprofen in the past 48hrs

*Eat ice cream cake

*Buy a new planner in an attempt to stay organized… nah… I just REALLY love planners…

You can see that I was extremely productive this past week. I blame it all on the hormones…

: )

I did manage to do a photo shoot for the new blog and post a couple of my special feature posts!

What do ya think?

I took more pictures than just this one… but I’m only going to show you this one…

I’m going to work on some photo editing today, so hopefully I can get this new blog up and running soon!

Thanks for your patience.

Perpetually behind schedule,


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